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You probably ended here by reading some license file of something I produced, or directly given by me.

I do believe that the added value to my work resides in providing services rather than keeping code for myself. Thus whenever I can, everything I produce in my spare time is considered with as free as possible license, at the sole condition that the work gets properly quoted. This includes scripts, pieces of code, softwares, documents (knowledge transfers) etc. Thus I usually chose (depending on the type of work and in accordance with other licenses) MIT or CC-BY-SA, which have the advantages to be clear and concise. This includes explicit license for work I publish, and potential code: things that I didn’t publish by lack of time, or because they contain sensitive informations that needs cleanup before publishing. If you’re aware of some things I make and are not published, feel free to ask for it, I’ll do my best to satisfy the request (note that I’m still dependent on other people and licenses, so it’s not always possible)


This section is being rewritten. In the meantime, if you want to tip you may contact me : tcatnoc..a..ue.eammi.liam (It seems like you don’t have javascript, please mirror each part of the e-mail) (see contact page for a GPG key or other means)